Window Case System


The Pen Case System, often referred to as the “pimapen curtain,” serves as the ideal curtain solution for pimapen windows. Designed to fit snugly onto pimapen surfaces where conventional curtains may not be suitable, this system is both practical and cost-effective. With its customizable case available in a spectrum of colors, it effortlessly integrates with your interior decor, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your living space. The compact dimensions of our Pen Case product ensure a sleek and decorative finish on your window frames.

Assembly of the Pen Case System requires careful consideration of fabric choice. Opt for plain and lightweight fabrics, ensuring a seamless fit on your pimapen window. For roller blinds, fabrics longer than 200cm and zebra fabrics exceeding 180cm should be avoided. Additionally, the width measurement should not exceed 100cm. While standard screw mounting is available, adhesive mounting offers a convenient alternative, allowing for a dust-free and hassle-free installation process.

Cleaning the Pen Case System varies depending on whether it’s a zebra or roller blind. For specific cleaning instructions, refer to our dedicated sections on roller blinds or zebra curtains.

With its tailored design and practical features, the Pen Case System offers a versatile solution for pimapen windows, combining functionality with style to elevate your living space.


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