Dual System


Are you ready to elevate your window treatment game with a touch of innovation?

Say hello to the Dual System, brought to you. This cutting-edge solution, also known as the double or decoupled curtain system, revolutionizes your window decor by offering the flexibility of two distinct curtains operating simultaneously. Featuring a binary design with two separate pipes on a single rail, each pipe accommodates a different curtain, allowing for independent control mechanisms for each.

Cleaning the Dual System is a breeze, thanks to its unique design. With dual curtains, you’ll never be without window coverage during cleaning. Simply dismantle and clean each curtain separately, ensuring uninterrupted privacy in your living space. Whether you opt to wipe them down with gentle cleansers or enlist the services of professional curtain cleaners, one curtain can shield your space while the other undergoes cleaning.

Installing the Dual System is a versatile endeavor, mirroring the simplicity of roller blinds or zebra curtains. Mount it on walls, ceilings, or window frames with ease. If cornice installation is preferred, rest assured that it can be accomplished without drilling any holes, thanks to the inclusion of mounting brackets.

With its blend of functionality and convenience, the Dual System redefines window treatments, offering unparalleled versatility and style to any space. Elevate your home decor with this innovative solution.


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